Lisbon Shopping Destination – Best Shopping Guide is the result of a fusion of synergies of two projects created in 2013 that share the same goal: to promote the city of Lisbon as a shopping destination, unveiling the best the city has to offer in so many different areas. This online guide offers through its digital platform close to a thousand references (shops, bars, restaurants, monuments, museums, galleries, roadmaps, etc.). The guide is available for the internal market in Portuguese, with an editorial adaptation to Portuguese from Brazil, and a translation into English and Mandarin.

In it you will find the best shops and brands (national and international), the restaurants and taverns you cannot miss, the most interesting cultural tours or the most charming hotels. Better still, you will find references to locations and town districts that usually are not included in your normal roadmap or tourist guide. Stick around and: See, Shop, Enjoy! Because in Lisbon there is so much to see, so much to buy, so much to enjoy…  Welcome!

The Lisbon City Council is the executive body of the municipality and is responsible for defining and implementing policies that promote the development of Lisbon in different areas.

Being trade a key economic activity for the city of Lisbon, the CML (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Lisbon City Council) has been gathering with key players and industry associations and is currently involved in different projects. This is the case of the Lisbon Shopping Destination, a project that was aimed to revitalize, stimulate and promote the street trade in Lisbon, promoting the city as an "international shopping destination".

The project focuses in the link between trade and tourism, particularly the million tourists arriving in the city by plane and cruises.

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Combining in a single structure design, production and editorial development, be it in digital format, audio-visual or printed, the producer Café Pessoa develops exceptional and unique contents, aiming to captivate a national and international audience. Our projects have a strong focus in the areas of art and culture, biographies, travel and lifestyle.

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We started in January 2012 with two major projects that are still ongoing and have been growing every day: Show me Cities and The Lisbon Best Shopping Guide. Launched in its first edition in a partnership with the ConVida publisher, since January 2015 the guide is associated in a format of co-production and co-ownership with the Lisbon Shopping Destination, promoted exclusively until the beginning of the partnership by the city of Lisbon. Since that date, Lisbon Shopping Destination and the Best Shopping Guide Lisbon have become one and the same project.